IKEA bamboo speakers


I was looking for a suitable enclosure for my two Omnes Audio BB 3.AL speakers. As small as possible, but with enough volume to leave enough room for the bass. At the IKEA the bamboo set “Dragan” caught my eye. 10 € for one large and one small bamboo box including lid (accordingly you need two packs). The loudspeaker is to be mounted in the lid. The interior volume is about 2.4 litres. The perfect size for the small broadband loudspeakers. The wooden boxes are very solid but very light, so the walls have to be treated in a way that they don’t vibrate. I covered the inside walls with 3 mm thick self-adhesive bitumen strips and additionally insulated the inside with insulating wool. The corners and edges are covered with silicone to make sure that no air comes out of the housing. Bamboo is very light, but nevertheless very hard. I was afraid that the casing would vibrate too much. However, the bitumen layers insulate very well. On the back I fixed the Raspberry with a small aluminium plate and threaded rods.


Music comes from a Raspberry Zero incl. HifiBerry MiniAmp Shield. As distribution I chose Moode Audio. After a long time back and forth with Volumio and Max2Play, Moode Audio is simply the more sophisticated and mature software. Moode Audio can connect to Spotify and Bluetooth by default and has a wide range of web radio stations.

And I have to say this combination just sounds perfect for a smaller room. Direct and crisp bass, pleasant treble and balanced midrange.

Parts list

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W 15 €
  • Power supply 7 € (5 V min. 2 A)
  • HifiBerry MiniAmp 15 €
  • 2x IKEA Dragan Box Set 20€ (total)
  • Silicon approx. 5 €
  • Bitumen approx. 10 €
  • Cables, audio terminals approx. 5 €
  • Omnes Audio BB 3.AL 55 € (total)

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